The Covid-19 protocols we have in place at our drive-in cinema event comply with current government guidelines. They may be subject to change if the government issue new criteria that must be adhered to. This is being reviewed and amended at all times.


Following government guidelines, strict social distancing measures will be implemented at all our events. Please follow these simple rules of conduct to ensure everybody stays as safe as possible. 

  • Remain in the area your car will be parked throughout the duration of the film.  You will have approximately 3M either side, and 5M in front to ensure social distancing. This will enable you to picnic or sit outside your car if you wish.

  • You can go to purchase food or drinks and to use the toilet facilities, ensuring the social distancing rules are maintained.

  • Please think of the environment and either use the rubbish bag provided on entry or take your litter home with you.

  • If you are seen to not be adhering to the rules set out at the time, we will take action if we think you are a risk to other people or our staff.


  • We will provide two toilet block facilities both including 'male' and 'female' toilets. There will be one disabled toilet on site.

  • Unless you are taking a child, only one person may enter any one cubicle at a time. Please follow the government guidelines on washing your hands.

  • The toilets will be manned at all times and cleaned regularly throughout the film showing times, then deep cleaned in between each film show. 

  • Queueing with 2M distance must be adhered to at all times.


  • If you purchase food and/or drinks from our facilities, please use contactless payment where possible, or if cash has to be used, the correct amount given to limit the amount of passing money back and forth.

  • The toilets will be manned at all times and cleaned after each person has used it.

  • Queueing with 2M distance must be adhered to at all times.


  • All of our staff from car park marshals to caterers will be wearing suitable PPE for each show.

  • Our staff will be present at all the food/drink areas, toilet areas and patrolling throughout the duration of your visit.  This is so we can ensure that people are always adhering to the social distancing guidelines.

  • Hand sanitising stations will be present at all food/drink and toilet facilities, please use them. Areas which potentially have a lot of ‘touch’, will be cleaned regularly.

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Wellington House

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