Here are the most frequently asked questions. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Drop us an email and we’ll get right back to you.

How can I buy tickets?

Tickets can be purchased online with a Debit or Credit card. Subject to availability, tickets can be purchased on the gate on your mobile device and your receipt shown to our team, however, an extra cost will be incurred.

How much are tickets?

Ticket prices are £30.00 per car plus a booking fee. The ticket price is per car and not per person and there is no limit on how many people are in your car providing you do not exceed the legal limit of what is allowed and everybody has their own seat. Cars are not permitted to have any trailer attachments. Large vehicles such as vans, buses, camper vans, motorhomes or anything deemed not to be a ‘car’, will not be permitted.

Do you need a ticket?

Yes, you will need to show your tickets at the entrance to be allowed in. You can either print these or show them on a mobile device. 

Where are you?

We are based in Colchester, Essex.  Popcorn Movies is currently booking for Colchester only at present. You can find our exact location by selecting the 'Find Us’ option at the top of the page.

What will happen when I arrive?

On arrival, you will be directed by our car parking marshals to your viewing parking space in front of our mega LED screen. Our viewing spaces have been designated at more than 3M apart to ensure plenty of space between each parked car.

What time can I arrive?

We would suggest that you arrive up to 60 minutes before your film starts. This will give you plenty of time to get settled in your viewing spot as they will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis. This will also give you plenty of time to get some food and/or drink before the film starts.

Can I reserve a car space in advance?

No, we cannot reserve spaces in advance. Our staff will assign you a space on arrival and this will be dependent on available spaces at that time and the size of your car. Larger cars and SUV’s may be positioned to the sides or further back but please do not panic, we make sure everyone gets a really good spot. If you have specific access requirements and need to be parked close to accessible facilities, please email us with your needs and booking details.

Can we get out of our vehicles?

Yes, you are allowed to exit your vehicles but must stay in the immediate area surrounding this to adhere to social distancing guidelines. If you wish to, you can picnic in your given space, adhering to social distance guidelines.  If you need to use the toilet facilities or purchase food and/or drink you may, also adhering to social distancing guidelines.

How will I hear the event?

The sound of the film at Popcorn Movies can be heard through your car FM radio system which you can tune in to on arrival.

Are there people on site to help me?

Yes, we will have dedicated staff on-site to assist with all your needs. Our team will be in hi-vis and PPE and will be patrolling consistently so please find one of us at the venue, adhering to social distancing rules. Please do NOT beep your car horn or flash your lights for attention. If you need to speak to a member of our team once the performance has ended, please wait until all other cars have left and our staff will approach you to see how they can help.

What if I need to leave before the event ends?

There will be enough space between each viewing space for you to be able to drive out if needed. Please let a member of staff know if you need to leave and they will assist you out. We also need to be made aware of your departure for any emergency evacuation procedures/health and safety purposes.

Will we be able to purchase food and/or drinks?

Yes you can. A number of food/drink/confectionary vans/stalls will be on-site for you to purchase goods. Social distancing rules will also apply when queuing for your food and drink. Please see below for more information regarding food and drink.

Can I pay for food and drink with a Debit/Credit card?

Yes you can, we ask that where possible card payment is preferred, to limit customer and staff contact. If you are only able to pay with cash, please be aware that dirty notes may not be accepted, and the correct amount would be appreciated where possible to limit the exchange of monies.

Can I bring my own food and drink?

We are happy for you to bring your own food and/or drink if you wish.  We would like to state that we do not want any alcoholic beverages to be consumed because we are not advocating drink-driving.

Are there toilet facilities?

Yes, there will be two toilet blocks each with a 'male' and 'female' side.  One will be positioned on either side of the site. There will also be one disabled toilet on site.

Is there wheelchair access?

Our site does have wheelchair-accessible facilities, we must make you aware that the main covering of the area is grass to access food and drinks. If this makes it difficult to operate your chair around the grounds, we would be happy to provide extra assistance, including if you wish to request a parking space closer to the facilities. If you wish to do this, please CONTACT US using the name and email address of your booking and supplying us with the show details you have bought tickets for and your car registration. Our arrival team can then be aware in advance and be ready to help. 

Are there age ratings on film screenings?

At Popcorn Movies, all parties in the car must be the correct as stated by the film certification. This includes any sleeping children in your car. They must still be the required age to watch the film. 

How many people can I bring?

The price of your ticket is per car not per person. Providing that everyone fits safely in a seat and your car does not have more people than it legally allows. We position vehicles so that everyone can have a good view of the screen however, ultimately this depends on the vehicle you arrive in and who sits where is up to you. Anybody found not adhering to this rule may be asked to leave the site.

What is the dress code?

This is your decision, pyjamas or a full ‘out-out’ outfit is absolutely acceptable! Fancy dress is also fine… surprise us! 

Can I bring my dog?

At Popcorn Movies we are dog-friendly so you don't have to leave your fur babies at home. We do ask that if you take your dog out of the car, to have it on a lead at all times. Please clean up after your dog if it goes to the toilet.

Can I smoke in my car?

We have made a decision that you may smoke in your car.  If there are children present please do not smoke in your car, this is illegal.

Can I keep my engine running?

You can keep your engine running if you wish. If you are concerned about using your stereo or lights without your engine on, please be aware that we do have equipment on site to jump start your car if need be.

What happens when the show is over?

Our car park marshals will be there to guide cars to the exit. Please follow our traffic management procedure so that we can exit everybody safely and timely. If you have any trouble with your vehicle and are unable to move, please remain stationary until all cars have departed and one of our team will visit you at your car to help.

How can I keep up to date with all of your events?

Check out our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages, where we post our updates. So give us a follow, like and share!

Can I get an exchange or refund on my tickets?

Unless the event is postponed or canceled, we do not offer refunds on any tickets. If you have a valid reason why you are unable to attend, please CONTACT US and we will endeavour to help you. 

What if the registration of my car changes between booking my tickets and the date of the film? 

If you need to update the car registration on your booking, please CONTACT US at least 24 hours in advance. Please include the details of your booking; your name, date, time and movie, along with your original and new car registration number.

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